Shoppers are urged not to eat the products as they may cause food poisoning.
There are a number of ways we can improve the welfare of hens with our choices. Some free range varieties are better than others - anything that is Soil Association approved meets the highest welfare standard.
Your pee is actually pretty amazing. Not only can it create electricity but a major scientific breakthrough means that it
Mars in the UK and Ireland is recalling some bars of Galaxy, Malteasers Teasers and bags of Minstrels “due to the potential
An anti-cancer cap that generates an electric field has doubled the chances of brain tumour patients surviving for five years
Just 3 per cent of elephants succumb to the disease.
Scientists have known for some time that cancer is unusually rare in elephants. Just three per cent of the giant mammals
It significantly extended the lifespans of rats with an aggressive cancer.
Salmonella is one of the most common forms of food poisoning, leaving victims bedridden with some pretty nasty symptoms. But
If you bought these, be sure not to eat them.
Aldi has issued a specific recall notice for packs of prawns over fears the product could cause food poisoning. The German
Packets of supermarket salad are breeding grounds for the type of bacteria that causes food poisoning, researchers have said
In extreme cases, it can lead to blindness.
Dogs might be cute and fluffy. But when they lick your face, they could be putting your health at risk. Experts have advised
Food poisoning: it's no laughing matter. And if you don't want to spend days with your head stuck down the toilet, then you
Supermarket giant Aldi has issued a product recall after salmonella was found in a batch of chocolate. The product in question