sam ryder

People who mocked Eurovision in the past are now finally seeing it for what it is – a spectacular TV event and a wonderful community.
Many UK fans have already given the song "douze points" on Twitter.
A number of UK cities have already thrown their hat in the ring to host next year's Song Contest.
He's currently on track to become the first UK Eurovision act to score a top 10 since Scooch – but that's not all.
The Space Man has finally come back to Earth, where he was given a hero's welcome.
"That was an incredible, incredible, rewarding journey."
While Ukraine might have won the Song Contest, it was the UK's best result in 24 years.
Kalush Orchestra’s song Stefania came out on top in the 2022 Song Contest, with Sam Ryder also scoring the UK's best result in more than 20 years.
Get ready for massive Eurobangers, heartbreaking ballads, dancing wolves and an ode to keeping your hands nice and clean.