Sandi Toksvig

Because it was a mistake to forget these bakes and they're actually really delicious and were forgotten for no reason. Definitely not because they're really unhealthy or irrelevant or dated or disgusting.
'It's shaping up to be the hottest day in the tent EVER.' Oh really? Us October folk really feel for you. We really do. I must say, Ch4, keep these senses-we-can-never-experience coming. First taste, now temperature, next smell and touch. Truly, excellent viewing.
Oh wow! Using 'The Fab Four' to decorate four pies - what a perfect choice for this round! The Beatles were literally made for this challenge! '... Einstein' Oh nope, she's an idiot.
3) Prue has admitted she doesn't like really sweet things. What the feck is she doing judging a baking contest? Kooky Noel
It's sparked even more complaints than Sarah Harding's 'CBB' antics.
Ofcom has confirmed that they’re assessing complaints made by ‘Great British Bake Off’ viewers, over a gag made by presenters
Yet another cutting narration from Noel, this time attacking sweet Liam: 'with a stout he's just old enough to drink'. You leave Liam alone you goth monster, for all we know, he's never had a scone before, so think about that kind of childhood, ok?
When you stumble across Mel and Sue conversing in bun puns, you believe you've walked in on Mel and Sue conversing in bun puns - as per. I do not, however, believe Noel and Sandi stroll through fields discussing French names for cakes.
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