Sandi Toksvig

The TV presenter publicly criticised the Archbishop after he “affirmed the validity” of a past declaration that gay sex is a sin.
"You didn’t have other more pressing matters like, I don’t know, war or poverty?"
The stand-up comedian reveals how she celebrates Pride in her own way.
The ex-Bake Off host has claimed the tabloids "thought that she was Cruella de Vil" after she revealed she is a lesbian.
The baker has also given his seal of approval to Sandi's replacement, Little Britain star Matt Lucas.
Many broadcasters had to appear on TV direct from their living rooms due to social distancing.
The Little Britain star will be joining Noel Fielding in the tent, replacing Sandi Toksvig.
Noel Fielding is on the hunt for a new co-presenter, and we've got some ideas already.