We're used to targeted marketing - Coke Zero is known as 'Man Coke', Yorkie chocolate bars had a notorious 'not for girls
Buying supermarket own-brand is often seen as the last resort to make the pounds stretch before payday, but according to
After burgers, meatballs and lasagne, sausages have become the latest dish to be found to contain horse meat as the scandal
In my honest opinion, a decent sausage is just about all a man needs in his mouth. And with the ever-increasing range in happy organic, hand reared, spoon-fed and sea salt scrubbed sausages on the market, now is the time to be side ordering yours.
British pig farmers say they are having to cull more of their herds Figures from a recent survey of pig producers by the
So what did you do last weekend? 'Competitive eater' Takeru Kobayashi whiled away 10 minutes on Sunday afternoon by devouring
If you were asked to list performance-enhancing substances, horse meat probably wouldn't be at the top of your list - but