School shooting

Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety said 19 officers waited outside a classroom door.
“We’re a small community, and we will need your prayers to get through this,” the superintendent of the Uvalde, Texas, school district said.
The comments on a Denver talk show drew swift outcry from listeners, which included shooting victims' families.
The ALICE Training Institute wants teachers and students to confront gunmen. There’s little evidence its approach works.
The 16-year-old student at the Southern California high school was identified as Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow.
Lawyers for the right-wing conspiracy theorist accidentally sent child porn to the plaintiffs.
On 20 April 1999, two teenagers entered Columbine High School in Colorado with guns and explosives. They killed 12 students and a teacher, before turning their weapons on themselves. The event changed American classrooms forever, with school security becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Now that many Columbine shooting survivors are parents themselves, they are facing the repercussions of the tragedy everyday.
Steam was forced to take down a school shooting simulation game last month.