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If the word research made you automatically think of people in white lab coats, boring surveys or invasive tests, think again. This research is very interactive and involves four tasks, three of which are game-based. The games cover mental rotation, motion perception and a fun but slightly weird tactile experiment that includes a foot pedal. If that doesn't sound interesting, I don't know what would!
In a tweet sharing the audio clip, the 53-year-old added: “We have 3,000 suspected terrorists living in the UK & 23,000 people
Build a bank of happy memories with your kids this holiday.
Holidays are a great time for some family bonding, free from the stress of a weekly routine. The lucky few will be jetting
Over the years game-changing research and development in the malaria field has given us long-lasting insecticide treated nets that protect millions of families every night.
In an age of cheap mass flight, it can be hard to recall the earliest days of civil aviation. We tend to assume the demand for flying has always been there, suppressed only by the limitations of the science and technology of the day. In reality, a market for civil aviation had to be constructed, and it was not an easy sell.
A few years back I was struck by the regular reports of British casualties in Afghanistan. While those killed were mourned and commemorated, at times the wounded seemed to be little more than numbers that were soon forgotten.
That our museums enjoyed around 5.55million visits in 2015/16 is testament not only to people's enduring fascination with the history of human ingenuity but also to the creativity of the people who work with me.
This is a fascinating exhibition. And it's interesting that even when you set aside the hyperbole and examine the man's work, you still find yourself a little in awe of this man who blended his radical thinking with a prodigious talent. He really was a one-off.