Sean Penn

Actor Sean Penn has attacked stardom as "an obscene disease of celebrity" and revealed he had often thought about ducking
Unkind words have been said in the past about Madonna's film career. Alongside the undoubted highs of Desperately Seeking
George Harrison would have been 71 today. His great friend, motor-racing legend Jackie Stewart, recently tried to express
Martin Amis provided the evening's most entertaining moments. Going through old photographs with Stephen Fry, he was fantastically funny, noting a baguette stowed away in Hitchens' top pocket while in Paris, and remarking upon his abundant sprouting chest-hair in another that showed him smoking a cigarette while holding a brace of pheasants on the Rothschild estate.
1. Jeremy Irvine is going to be a star The almost-unknown lead in War Horse made an appearance at the fest and chatted about
I recently watched Terrence Malick's latest, in film fan mode rather than professionally. The film has already set rivers of ink in motion, and it's a foolhardy venture to comment after just one viewing. I'm looking forward to the DVD already.