Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Vagina Museum tells health secretary that self-sampling swabs testing for the Human Papillomavirus Virus are not the same as full cervical screening.
The health secretary stressed the public will have to learn to live with the disease.
Health secretary will outline national strategy for rollout of jabs in TV address on Monday afternoon.
Kate Bingham contradicts Matt Hancock's claim UK authorities backed jabs swiftly "because of Brexit".
The Health Secretary appeared on the ITV show on Monday but dodged answering most of Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid's questions.
Health secretary confirms the Commons will get an effective veto "wherever possible" in concession to Tory rebels.
One Tory asked whether Boris Johnson "hasn't been abducted by Dr Strangelove and reprogrammed by the Sage over to the dark side".
Health secretary says he wants to avoid coronavirus spreading between the generations.
"It's not a no and it's not a yes," the health secretary says.