select committee

PM under pressure over plan to whip MPs to make Sir Bernard Jenkin chair of liaison committee.
Immigration has always been an important part of our history - that is why it is so important to prevent escalating divisions, polarisation, anger or misinformation
Up and down the country, people are in need of answers
Steelworkers up and down the country are in need of answers. 130,000 steelworkers, current and former, are facing a December
But the Brexit Secretary still faces claims he misled Parliament
Tory and DUP MPs have spared David Davis’ blushes by blocking claims he did not honour instructions to hand over the work
The Government has been accused of treating the Commons with contempt.
David Davis will be dragged before MPs as “matter of urgency” to explain why his department is holding back information on
The five things you need to know about in politics today.
1. UNCOMFORTABLE, UNACCEPTABLE At PMQs today, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will no doubt unite to condemn the terror attack