self harm

"As I stood mostly naked under her gaze, I became a problem, not a person."
The scenario was brought up in "Vanderpump Rules," though the facts are disputed. But there's a legitimate way to handle it if it happens to you.
"There’d be no stopping Faith... if we could get her to adulthood alive."
A recent study found young people who engage in this behaviour are more likely to consider or attempt suicide.
“These figures should shock the government into action, as they expose a rapidly growing mental health crisis in our prison system”.
The speed skater struggled with depression and anxiety privately for two years, but decided to go public to help herself – and other people.
The superstar got candid about trauma and PTSD in a powerful new interview.
"Historically there has been a disparity in identifying self-harm in young men."
Mental health experts discuss what we can do to help.