Shamima Begum

Begum became an Isis bride when she was just 15, but now wants the UK's forgiveness and to return home.
Begum was one of three east London schoolgirls who travelled to Syria to join so-called Islamic State (IS) in February 2015.
Stripping Begum’s citizenship was a jingoistic act that didn’t make Britain any safer. She is British, and deserves sentencing here, writes Maighna Nanu.
People voice fears that Shamima Begum’s banishment tells people with foreign descent that they are not fully British or fully accepted.
The Mail on Sunday reported that Jack Letts – a dual British and Canadian national – has had his UK citizenship revoked.
“Ms Begum was a pawn to your vanity," Mohammed Akunjee wrote in a letter.
"If anyone is found to be involved with terrorism, we have a simple rule: there will be capital punishment. And nothing else."
The right to a fair trial should not be the preserve of the wealthy or the worthy.
Del Babu says there should be a "serious case review" into how authorities behaved before she fled.
Teenager says she was "brainwashed" when she fled UK and wants to return.
The home secretary strongly denies his decision is to blame for the death of Shamima Begum's child.
Whatever you think of the runaway teen, her baby was wholly and completely innocent, and his death is a moment to re-evaluate our country's moral compass
Her child, Jarrah, passed away following what appeared to be a lung infection, reports said.
However some news organisations are reporting the baby is alive and well in a refugee camp.
Yago Riedijk, who is Dutch, said he rejects the Islamic State.
Ahmed Ali had previously said he ‘does not have a problem’ with his daughter’s citizenship being stripped.
As her father suggests he does not have sympathy for his daughter.
Recruitment narratives of those opposed to the British state will now be strengthened and an invaluable opportunity to improve domestic counter extremism and safeguarding work will be needlessly wasted.
However good it may make us feel to leave Shamima Begum “there to rot”, it is fundamentally a bad move with deep legal and ethical problems.