Sherif Lanre

Shortly after Danny's arrival last week, viewers discovered an old Instagram post in which he used the N-word.
The 20-year-old left the show early after breaking an unspecified rule.
The 20-year-old left the ITV2 reality series via the back door last week.
A Love Island rep has "strongly refuted any accusation of racism", after Ellie faced no punishment for her use of the same word last year.
An ITV rep has spoken out about the eliminated Islander's accusation.
The 20-year-old says he struck Molly-Mae with his foot and then told a joke involving the c-word.
The Islander is on back on social media – but there's still no explanation on why he left.
There's still no further information as to why he left the villa.
The women are suddenly outnumbering the men by quite a way.
"I regret that I didn’t conduct myself in the right way."
Yewande, Michael and Sharif were the final three left without a partner during the first coupling-up of the series.