Shia LaBeouf

Margaret Qualley and Shia LaBeouf split shortly after FKA Twigs accused the actor of "relentless abuse" during their relationship.
The director reportedly dropped the controversial star from her new movie after he violated her "zero asshole policy."
The singer is speaking out days after FKA twigs accused the actor of assault, battery and abuse.
The former One Direction star replacing Shia LaBeouf in Don't Worry Darling.
Renée Zellweger, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler and Shia LaBeouf step into rich roles that double as meta commentary on their careers.
The actor was held for public drunkenness, obstruction and disorderly conduct over the weekend.
Shia LaBeouf has issued an apology, following the release of a video which shows him making racist comments during a recent
There are few certainties at Cannes. But one of them is that British veteran Ken Loach will get an ovation for any new film he cares to put before us.
Shia LaBeouf is spending 24 hours in a lift at Oxford University, because... well.. Shia. The actor-turned-living art installation
It’s a case of another day, another bizarre art project for Shia LaBeouf, who has launched his latest installation in Liverpool