single market

Next Thursday is the chance for MPs to speak up for manufacturing, for trade, for Northern Ireland peace - and to urge the Government to negotiate for an effective customs union
Bound by the EU but unable to influence its decisions, we would fail to take back control over our laws, our borders, our money and our freedom
Corbyn defiant at Dundee conference after single market motion was banned.
We want trade to continue in as frictionless a manner as possible - the Conservatives are all over the place
Staying in the Single Market, keeping freedom of movement rules, signing up to a customs union. Labour's version of Brexit set out today doesn't sound much like, well, Brexit. Many will of course be delighted the party has adopted a pro-EU stance on some key issues, while others will be ready to accuse Labour of betraying the result of the referendum.
The key question is: why is the Government deliberately damaging our economy, by giving up membership of the Single Market which is the best option to protect British jobs, trade and growth, when doing so will not bring back control of our laws in the way they promised? As the Open Britain group of which I am a member is campaigning for, we should remain in the Single Market after Brexit.
Last week, as I was retuning to my flat from the Law Centre at Aix-en-Provence in southern France, I decided to drop into
This general election in London is a choice between an uncaring Tory Government, dismissive of London's views and destructive to its economic interests; and Labour MPs who will fight tooth and nail against a hard Brexit that makes our constituents worse off. There is a better road for London, and we will spend the time between now and election day arguing passionately for it.
One thing the Prime Minister cannot do is come out with a bad deal for Britain or not listen to the UK citizens. This is because the UK citizens are going to face the impacts of whatever that deal is and what it brings in the days, months and years to come.
Whichever way the referendum goes Sturgeon faces the end of her career. If she loses, she must resign. If she wins, she will steer Scotland into an inevitable short-term decline and be forced from office. If Scotland does vote for independence and is successful as an independent nation, she will not be remembered for putting it there.