skin cancer

Melanoma diagnoses fell between April and November last year, which dermatologists warn “is of grave concern”.
86% of these skin cancer cases are linked to spending too much time in the sun or on sun beds, says Cancer Research UK.
Two in five of us have enjoyed more time outside in lockdown – but we're not taking care of our skin as well as we could be. Here's how you can.
She's due to undergo surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma on her nose this week.
Dermatologists advise a monthly self-examination – when was the last time you did yours?
Getting sunburnt just once every two years triples the risk of melanoma.
It’s helpful to remember the 'ABCD rule' when doing a skin check on your moles.
For every million people, there are between just five and seven diagnosed with melanoma of the eye each year