At 194cm tall and 1.4 tonnes, an Australian steer named Knickers has been spared a trip to the abattoir because he’s simply too big. Knickers will spend the rest of his days in a cattle paddock in Western Australian, where he is a “coach” to the other cattle, showing them where to roam and graze. While Knickers is thought to be Australias largest cow, an Italian cow named Bellino currently holds the world record for tallest steer, standing at 203 cm tall.
'There could be see-through tunnels, as in an aquarium, across the meat-processing floor.'
We will deliver on our manifesto commitment and make CCTV mandatory in all abattoirs
As long as consumers continue to buy meat, milk, eggs, and cheese (even though supermarkets are full of delicious plant-based choices), animals will suffer. That's why the kindest choice will always be simply to leave them off our plates.
WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES AND CONTENT Hundreds of animals have been rescued from illegal slaughterhouses in what is being called
31 European countries haven't made prostitution illegal, which reiterates it to be a global problem, free from association of colour, creed or nationality, rather than the actions of the 'insidious Muslims in the far East'.
It's much easier to feel outraged about animal suffering when it's somebody else's fault and somebody else who needs to change their behaviour. Which is one of the reasons why this story has given renewed vigour to campaigns to remove religious exceptions to stunning and for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses.
More often than not I write about horror stories with less than happy endings. Today I am writing about - yes, a 'horror story' - but one with a happy ending that I believe my organisation, Compassion in World Farming and all of our supporters, have helped to bring to fruition.
Three men have been arrested by police the horse meat scandal. Two men were arrested at a meat processing plant near Aberystwyth
Officials are investigating five slaughterhouses that process horse meat in the UK. Following raids in Yorkshire and Wales
Eminem turns 40 today, happy birthday Marshall Mathers! It's an impressive milestone for the enfant terrible of rap, who