Snap election

Party aims to build up multi-million pound fighting fund in case new PM decides to go to the country early.
Dominic Grieve described the report as 'germane' to voters ahead of the December election.
Digital giant says ads published day snap election was called were about "social issues, elections or politics". Johnson has been accused of misusing public cash for political purposes.
It’s here - the snap election we’ve all been waiting for. Boris Johnson has called the poll to settle Brexit, but with a febrile electorate, winning an election may prove just as difficult as getting the UK out of the EU. Tory election guru Lord Robert Hayward provides an indispensable guide to the campaign for the December 12 vote alongside Arj Singh, Paul Waugh, Rachel Wearmouth.
Lib Dems says government bill cannot risk crash-out during campaign period.
No-deal could follow "very ugly and very difficult" trade deal talks with EU, ex-PM warns.
Ex-chancellor calls for "grown-up government" as PM pushes for snap election.
Tory minister Nicky Morgan calls plan a "stunt" to avoid Brexit deal vote.
Labour leader calls Boris Johnson "a very strange prime minister" and claims pre-Christmas poll date "really odd".