Snap election

As Boris Johnson faces division in the Commons over Brexit, will the UK actually be going to the polls in the next few weeks?
Richard Burgon also reveals talks ongoing over new timetable for Withdrawal Agreement Bill.
The key issue is whether the prime minister wants a winter general election or a spring one.
The PM's early honeymoon shows no signs of wearing off in the polls. A further, short Brexit delay may not matter if he then wins a snap election.
Deputy Labour leader says alternative is for Labour to campaign at election ‘unambiguously’ to stay in EU.
Former PM says snap election is too risky for Tories and new people's vote the way out.
Sixth Commons defeat in six days. PM lashes out at opposition's "cowardice" as Labour, Lib Dems, SNP and rebel Tories outflank him.
Can the prime minister get a new lease of life with a general election?
The prime minister is expected to fail on Monday in a second attempt to get a general election.
Prime minister leaves officers waiting in the sun and awkwardly failed an attempt to recite the police caution at Yorkshire event.