Snap election

Source close to Jeremy Corbyn says "massive distrust" in PM could mean MPs dig in.
Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg reveals latest move a day after the government lost vote for a snap poll.
Labour leader weighing up timing as senior allies warn PM can't be trusted with October date.
Bill could pass this Friday or over the weekend. Johnson's polling day bid will have to wait.
Swathes of Conservatives face the end of their political careers on Tuesday. It looks like a roll-call of the "fallen" moderates.
Shadow cabinet ministers Tony Lloyd and Shami Chakrabarti warn Labour will only back general election after threat of ‘crashing out’ is removed. Party could abstain on PM's vote.
Fresh study of 10,000 voters shows SNP and Lib Dems would make gains. Dominic Grieve says Tories risk showing party has ‘no place for moderates’.
Boris Johnson plans to hold a general election on 14 October if MPs seize control of the Brexit agenda on Tuesday.
Commons battle over no-deal Brexit will be seen as "an expression of confidence", or not, in the government's negotiating position.
Former premier says a referendum is the best way to ensure Johnson can't get a hard exit from EU by default.