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Concerned about recent alleged incidents involving the mistreatment of pigs?
ASOS, H&M, Marks & Spencer and Nike have joined the pledge to use 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.  As part of the ‘Sustainable
'64% of people said they would lose trust in the retailer.
Thousands of beauty products sold in the UK may be making misleading ‘organic’ claims on their packaging, according to a
Our Government should follow the French example and send a clear message to restaurant chains that piling pounds into pockets by piling pounds onto waistlines is simply not acceptable, and that action must be taken to ditch the sugary drinks and include fruit-based pudding options. It's time that high street restaurants cleaned up their act and prioritised our children's health.
Often, people don't realise that organic is free range by nature, and farmers provide their animals with the highest quality of life possible and support our environment by providing natural habitats for wildlife. So the decisions you make when it comes to food are a simple but really powerful form of direct action and small changes really can make a big difference!
There are several things that many of us fear will be in a long list our grandchildren draw up of 'how could you possibly have let that happen'? Cooking the planet with fossil fuels and presiding over a massive extinction of our fellow creatures will, I am sure, be there. So will be our squandering an incredible class of life-saving medicines, antibiotics, unless we act fast to save them.
Soils are magical and mysterious, essential to all life on earth, but extremely vulnerable, and being terribly damaged. We
What do Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston all have in common? Well besides the obvious, these ladies are joining the green revolution and creating their very own line of organic beauty products.