“It’s really f****d up to try and discredit my writing,” the US star told the Blur and Gorillaz singer.
I’d much rather hear something she was proud of than a radio-friendly three minutes and thirty-three seconds song that came out of a meeting of 25 songwriters
So I settled for employing a much older male friend who looked nothing like Corbyn but was happy to star in a ridiculous video, and made him grow a white beard and wear specs and a Lenin cap. I then wrote every visual gag I could into the script.
The power of Dylan's lyrics comes from the fact that they are precisely that -- they are part of his songs. Awarding the prize to someone who is primarily a songwriter is a welcome move, as it appreciates that lyrics are literature too.
All I care about is writing and inventing my own noise, with styles and songs that make me feel awake and alive. I don't have to subscribe to the mainstream just to make it happen. I'm on my own path and the journey is long. As long as I can incorporate melody and emotive music that inspires visions and feelings, then I'm doing okay.
Anyway, that's not the point. The point is I've extended a sodding olive branch. Why don't we collaborate? Hell, there's still time to organise a photoshoot for an Adkins/Richie festive greetings card. HELLO... AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
I tried following the Katie Hopkins route of being controversial on Twitter but that only served to lose me a few followers and gain me extra hate mail
Sharkey's massive solo smash A Good Heart was written by Maria McKee... about Benmont Tench... Then Sharkey's follow-up hit, You Little Thief was written by Tench in response to McKee, so Sharkey turned into smash hits these two songs that are actually a conversation. I love that anecdote...
"People still try and emulate John Peel," says David Gedge, leader of The Wedding Present and one of the last true survivors of the British music scene of the 1980s. "His work as a musicologist put everything into context."
Music has always been my passion, my healer, and the methods I use to still my anxious mind dovetail well with classic music therapy techniques... Music lets us reach emotions that are difficult to reach verbally, become aware of hidden emotions and achieve a catharsis.