South East England

Boris Johnson has announced new Covid restrictions and tier 4 measures for London and the south east.
Boris Johnson announces stricter lockdown rules for England amid fears over new variant of coronavirus.
Bristol and North Somerset have been lowered to tier 2, but tougher restrictions are imposed on a wider group of counties from Saturday.
On Wednesday the temperature in London and the South East could surpass the 26C recorded in Treknow, Cornwall, on Good Friday.
Warnings of strong winds and heavy snow are still in place.
Residents across large parts of the south east were woken in the night by a "huge bang", causing fears of an explosion.
It seems the US’ love of Halloween has firmly rooted itself in British culture. These families are pulling pumpkins out the ground at patch boasting over 70 varieties of the fruit in Kent, south-east England.
In London, nearly 8,000 children were at inadequate schools - but not one wealthy child was among them.