Southern Rail

A report by Which? looked at Britain's railway "blackspots".
A new report has described the situation as a 'multi-faceted shambles'.






RMT's fight to keep the guards is about protecting the safety, security and access to rail services of the travelling public against an all-out drive to ramp up profits which are then shipped across the Channel. The idea that the British economy benefits from rammed out, expensive, unsafe and unreliable trains is ludicrous.
The strikes on Tuesday and Thursday by the RMT Union have caused yet more indignation for so many of my constituents in East Surrey who commute into London for work and all the other passengers reliant on the service. What makes it all the more galling for the passengers is the persistent support the unions receive from Jeremy Corbyn. Rather than condemning the union bosses for playing games, the Labour leader has made it abundantly clear he stands with the union barons.
At times it seems like running a corporate social media account is the hardest game in the world. Just ask British Gas and
Many chose to work from home to avoid the disruption.