“My head was pounding, my jaw was clenched, and I was starting to raise my voice,” writer J.R. Moehringer revealed.
People haven't forgotten about the oversharing, the audio extracts, and – of course – the "todger".
Despite his concern, the Duke of Sussex also stated that his brother "has made it very clear to me that his kids are not my responsibility".
King Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton put on a united front on Thursday, two days after the publication of Spare.
JR Moehringer tweets quote from Harry that says his memory "curates as it sees fit".
Book promotion taken to new levels of openness.
Duke details an unlikely remedy for a bout of frostbite in the nether regions – or what he calls "Frostnipistan".
The Duke of Sussex made the allegation on the day his memoir was released.
The Duke of Sussex wrote about the "sex crimes" allegations in his new memoir Spare, which officially came out on Tuesday.