Star Wars

Episode IX hasn't taken as much at the UK and Ireland box office in its first two weeks of release as the two previous instalments.
Fans were upset that the Asian-American actor, who faced an onslaught of online abuse after her first appearance, barely featured in the new film.
The Rise Of Skywalker actor says he "pushed" for his and John Boyega's characters to "fall in love with each other".
"I don’t want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art."
The ninth instalment in the sci-fi saga – which was rebooted by Disney in 2015 – is in cinemas now.
I bought a helmet. Then I decided I needed the whole suit. Now my love of Star Wars, helps out and raises money for charity too, writes Gary Hailes.
To the film's detriment, J.J. Abrams scraps the sensibilities of The Last Jedi.
The final instalment in the trilogy is apparently not to everyone's tastes, even though many have showered it with praise.
The attraction opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida and in January at Disneyland in California.
Episode IX writer Chris Terrio gives some interesting non-answers.