Stonewall said the MP's words were "disappointing" hours after Keir Starmer was forced to apologise for visiting the same church.
The Stonewall uprising is often pointed to as marking the start of the modern gay rights movement – the crime pages offer us a window into the kinds of dangers queer citizens suffered in the years before.
On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, it matters we make ourselves visible no matter the risk, activist Andrew Lumsden writes
When I look back to that day 30 years ago, I can see how far we’ve come and how fast – but for Britain's LGBT people, things still aren't perfect.
Jamel’s story cuts so deeply because it reflects what so many LGBT students experienced in school
Replacing the dehumanising process in place today with a system of self-determination would be life-changing for so many Britons
'It’s absolutely vital that more is done to stamp out this demeaning and unethical act.'
I was called a ‘Paki’ and told to ‘go back home’ in broad daylight in an LGBT area of my city for politely declining an uninvited advance
'Not being forced to lie by saying that you are a man or woman, makes a big difference.'