Stop the War Coalition

Genocide happens and parts of the left simply erase it on a consistent basis. I dialled down my criticisms of Corbyn after 8th June but it's immoral to remain silent over something as important as this. The Labour Party is becoming a political home for awful genocide apologists and it runs right through to the leader himself.
Stop the War Coalition chair joined Labour from Communist Party
A senior aide to Len McCluskey has been installed at Labour HQ to oversee Jeremy Corbyn’s final push in the general election
An enraged Syrian refugee accused Stop The War of trying to silence him as they protested outside Downing Street against
While Momentum assure the mainstream media that they are not advocates of deselection and are "inclusive" and all things nice, I can't help but be a little disappointed...
Jeremy Corbyn has given his full backing to Stop The War's "vital, democratic" campaign and is set to defy his Labour critics
More than a thousand protesters flocked to Central London on Tuesday evening, braving the iced November air to urge MPs to
Thousands of people gathered in London on Saturday to protest against plans for Britain to join air strikes against the Islamic
Walking home a few weeks ago, I saw a poster for a screening of the Skip Kite documentary, 'Tony Benn: Will and Testament'. This is a filmic obituary of this much-respected titan of the Left, with interviews and footage spanning his 50-odd years in parliament.