PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Talks aimed at averting a wave of strikes by public sector workers in a bitter row over pensions are
Changes to pensions to make them more affordable are unavoidable. Threats from trade union bosses, made from the comfort of their well-feathered nests, should be challenged because the facts are there for reasonable people to see and debate.
While talks with ministers will continue, it takes two to negotiate. Unions are on the dance floor, and the next dance is the tango. We do not yet know whether we have a partner.
Britain could be poised for a series of nation-wide strikes on November 30, as unions announced plans to ballot their members
The six figure salaries of Trade Union bosses were revealed in the wake of mass walk-out threats protesting against spending
Ed Miliband received a frosty reception from the unions on Tuesday when warned they risked irrelevance if they decided to
Unions have moved closer to an autumn of strikes as the Government was warned it faces a huge campaign of civil disobedience
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The leader of one of the country's largest teachers' unions has warned of the possibility of further
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The gap between pay rises for workers in the public sector and private firms has widened in recent months