McDonald's workers staged protests in several cities across the US, as part of what organisers billed as the first multi-state strike seeking to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.
The decision to forego our time on campus in favour of advocacy should be a choice, as opposed to a pressure
s a student I understand concerns over lost teaching time, but as a teacher I also understand the importance of job and pension security
One thing which really bothers me are scandalmongers who look to do nothing but cause trouble. I call them busybodies, and the trade unions calling for strikes across the board over the 2013 1% pay cap are the personification of busybodies.
Workers in two McDonald's restaurants in Crayford, south east London, and Cambridge made history on Monday 4 September when they became the first ever McDonald's workers in Britain to go on strike.
I will strike tomorrow, and will be joined by colleagues from Crayford, and from Cambridge. The truth is this. We have been left with no choice but to strike. It's our only real option. We need to raise awareness over our working conditions, and the way we are treated in McDonald's. I - like many others - have had our grievances ignored by the company, time and time again.