Student Loans

Muslims are calling for interest-free student loans as the current system goes against Islamic beliefs.
Our culture continually celebrates women for who they are and what they do for everyone else.
Sabina Kadic-Mackenzie and her husband did the same degree – at different costs.
The Student Loans Company has insisted it pro-actively contacts individuals who have overpaid.
TLDR; Don't let money worries put you off (or pull you out of) a degree. While you're right to be cautious about costs, opening your eyes to the support and strategies on offer will get you further than panic.
How much is Freshers' Week costing your teen?  Recent research shows that students can spend close to £400 in Freshers' Week
As the cost of student property continues to soar against the backdrop of increasing tuition fees and curbs on government allowances, financial burdens on students will only intensify. Whether this is an inevitability, or subject to change, lays firmly within the hands of universities and the government in the coming years.
For an 18-year-old with limited experience of the earnings and tax system, it's not easy to predict the long-term effects of borrowing £44,000 to fund their degree.
Following a year of failure that ended in her government losing its majority, Theresa May is doing everything she can to stifle debate in Parliament. Since the election there have been just four debates on Government legislation, offering MPs a total of just under 13 hours in which to have their say.