"We don’t want anyone else to go through what our family is suffering right now."
When you’re nearing the end of that bottle of port, spare a moment to think about, or, better yet, watch out for those suffering from our society’s most deadly mental illness
It was only after some further probing from me that he took a deep breath, before uttering the words: 'I’m suffering from postnatal depression'
The 15-year-old suffered three heart attacks.
March 4th, 2009. The day that my life changed forever. That was the day my dad decided to end his life, leaving behind two sons, a loving wife, a mum and dad and a huge network of friends. In fact, on paper he pretty much had 'everything'.
We can't protect our children from sadness any more than we can from joy. If we can love our children through all their moods, free of anxiety and responsibility-weary guilt, maybe we can become powerful models of self-acceptance and trust.
Many acts of kindness may be motivated by self-interest. But is it naive to suggest that 'pure' altruism can exist as well? An act of pure altruism may make someone feel better about themselves afterwards, and it may increase other people's respect for them, or increase their chances of being helped in return at a later point.
As I write this, people in Nepal are pulling out the broken bodies of their loved ones from the pulverised remains of their buildings, amongst the stench of death in the aftermath of a 7.8 Richter scale earthquake.
Many of us have probably wondered, "Are we next?" This is a scary prospect. For Londoners it's also bound to bring up painful memories of the 07/07 bombings. These fears are then fuelled by sensationalist media coverage. If we're not mindful, we can end up feeling paralysed by fear and despair.
Last week we were all shocked by the heartbreaking photos of Hope the dog who was found emaciated and half the weight she should have been. She was described by a vet as the thinnest dog she'd seen alive.
I recently returned to what Bertrand Russell, perhaps Britain's best known philosopher, had to say about religion.