Progesterone-only pill Hana has been approved for sale and is available at both Boots and Superdrug.
The vaccine is available in Boots, Superdrug and other places on the high street this year.
ITV2 has pied off Superdrug to couple up with UberEats
Customers will receive an hour-long consultation before getting anywhere near a needle.
20,000 shoppers may have had their personal information stolen.
'Too often ageist behaviour and language is trivialised'
The same product can be bought for 99p in Superdrug.
Superdrug has become the first retailer on the British high street to offer a chickenpox vaccination. Currently the jab is
Superdrug has announced a scheme to sell the morning after pill at £13.49, half the price of current branded emergency hormonal
How important was it for you to be part of a diverse campaign? It’s really important to me and I feel like brands should
I've always operated on the theory that I am a generically decent person. The other day, though, someone spoke to me about jealously. And now everything has changed...
Cheryl Cole has blasted high street store Superdrug over their proposed 'celebrity weight scales'. The former 'X Factor' judge
According to recent research, the type of make-up a British woman wears (and how much) can reveal which part of the country
The average woman spends up to £500 mending a broken heart, according to a recent survey by Superdrug. The poll, which questioned
So here's the promised review of the new Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector, BB Cream, (Blemish Balm) that I bought on Friday (Superdrug £9.99, last time I looked Boots was still waiting for stock).