Supreme Court

The president said he strongly disagrees with the decision.
Sources close to the former deputy prime minister said the allegation was not true.
Is this the end of Nicola Sturgeon's bid for an independent Scotland?
The Supreme Court shut down the Scottish National Party's latest bid for indyref2.
Democrats are rallying voters around threats to abortion access, and Republicans focusing on the economy.
Judge Alito also expressed special derision for Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.
“I wanted to dedicate this next song to the five members of the Supreme Court," the pop star told the cheering crowd.
The conservative-majority court opened the door to state-level abortion bans that could force people to continue with unsafe and unwanted pregnancies.
A hearing on Capitol Hill was filled with misinformation regarding abortions.
"We want Wordle to remain distinct from the news,” wrote Everdeen Mason, the company’s editorial director for Games.