A museum showcasing some of the world's most disgusting foods has opened in Malmö in Sweden. The curator has a greater plan than just sickened tourists gagging at the various foods. He wants to show that was it considered “disgusting” is culturally learned, in the hope that people will be more open to more sustainable foods of the future like insects and lab-grown meat.
We have done everything we were supposed to as citizens and parents. And yet our child could die needlessly young because the NHS won't pay for lifesaving drugs freely available elsewhere
After the country's two rival blocs failed to secure a governing majority, Sweden is set to have another coalition government. The uncertainty is heightened after a far-right party gained more seats than ever, seen as a response to large-scale immigration.
The Sweden Democrats secured 17.6% of votes.
'It's not that we are against immigrants, not at all.'
Sweden says it has mobilised all available resources to put out dozens of wildfires raging across the country.