A more widespread testing programme is needed to catch ‘silent’ transmission and reduce future outbreaks, researchers suggest.
Children may show different symptoms of coronavirus than adults, one expert has said.
“In our group, diarrhoea and vomiting were more predictive than, say, cough or even changes in smell and taste,” said Dr Tom Waterfield.
The Eve Appeal wants women to be aware of a key symptom of three gynaecological cancers.
This is the latest on people who don't show any coronavirus symptoms and how those cases will influence the future of the pandemic.
86% of these skin cancer cases are linked to spending too much time in the sun or on sun beds, says Cancer Research UK.
Yet more evidence that coronavirus could cause side effects for months.
A new study reveals the order Covid-19 symptoms are likely to occur – and how they might set the illness apart from flu.
A new study has identified a pattern of symptoms likely to be experienced by people hospitalised with the virus.
There's growing evidence to suggest even those with 'mild' symptoms are witnessing profound changes in the body.