Talk Radio

The guest has said she was left "humiliated" after appearing on the show.
Tory minister faces criticism as he introduces new times tables tests for children.
Sir Simon Jenkins mocked for defence of 'pale, stale males'.
Daily Mail journalist Gerri Peev answered Jenkins’ insinuation black people were on their way to being better represented
Love him or hate him, radio presenter John Robbie was bid a heartfelt farewell.
It appears that one Catholic leader in the US failed to read the Pope’s memo highlighting the church’s new inclusive outlook
Every week still it seems that I hear that something new will "kill the radio star". Spotify will kill off radio, Pandora streaming will kill off radio, Nick Grimshaw will kill off radio. It won't. Technologies change, but radio isn't a piece of technology. It has a soul, it's a connection... it's my friend.