Her comments were met with shocked outbursts and murmurs from others.
I was the angry, hovering mom you dreaded interacting with.
New figures show that 40 percent of teachers expect to leave the profession by 2024 because of impossible workloads. Many blame an increase in data and reports that they are expected to produce, on top of their teaching schedule. Others say that they are also expected to deal with social and pastoral care, and even knife crime. We spoke to teachers up and down the country, as well as those who have quit the classroom, to find out what it’s like for them.
One in three teachers quit within the first five years.
Thousands of teaching assistants and other support staff are forking out on food, tampons and pencils
The only thing stopping South Africa from setting sustainable trends in education is our fear of change.
The mad rush of Christmas is over and as we recover from the over-eating and unexpected gifts, thoughts are slipping into
In 2018, we plan to further our mission to get more girls active by working with 250 schools in England. We will deliver the Girls Active programme in 50 new secondary schools and reach a further 200 schools through our Girls Active in Transition programme, a collaboration between primary and secondary schools.
The benefits of physical exercise on academic learning have long been documented, yet three years after Public Health England
Through working for a charity committed to enabling young people to become active citizens, I see first hand the importance