"If my own teacher had been forced to use the tactics that I was forced to use, I wouldn’t be here writing this."
“I think that is really base, I’m really sorry you’ve done that, Nick.”
From sharing skills they’ve learned in their careers to celebrating their students’ successes, Further Education teachers talk about some of the reasons they find their careers so fulfilling.
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Could FE teaching be the best career move you haven’t thought of?
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The flexibility and unique nature of each further education teaching job is part of the beauty of the journey.
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Her comments were met with shocked outbursts and murmurs from others.
I was the angry, hovering mom you dreaded interacting with.
New figures show that 40 percent of teachers expect to leave the profession by 2024 because of impossible workloads. Many blame an increase in data and reports that they are expected to produce, on top of their teaching schedule. Others say that they are also expected to deal with social and pastoral care, and even knife crime. We spoke to teachers up and down the country, as well as those who have quit the classroom, to find out what it’s like for them.
One in three teachers quit within the first five years.
Thousands of teaching assistants and other support staff are forking out on food, tampons and pencils