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As we move forward, we call for Police and Crime Commissioners and police forces across the country to place anti-Muslim hate at the heart of their hate crime strategies. No longer can tackling anti-Muslim hate be an appendage or an after-thought on hate crime strategies and it must be placed front and centre with other protected strands so that citizens of our country, who happen to be Muslim, can live their lives free from bigotry
In his latest stomach-churning piece in the Spectator, Murray projects a sense of implicit threat from rising Muslim birth rates and changing demographics. In fact, one really has to ask whether Murray actually has anything constructive to say about Muslims at all.
The Muslim director of a think-tank credited with Tommy Robinson's departure from the EDL has received "credible" death threats
As we move into 2014, we hope that both Far Right and Al-Qaeda influenced groups and individuals realise that we collectively as communities, will not allow them to drive a wedge between us as residents and neighbours. Collectively, we can also counter their belief that a clash of civilisations is inevitable. It is not and we alone can prove them wrong.
Muslim women are more likely to be targets for Islamophobia than men, with 80% targeted for wearing the hijab, a new study
Ever wondered what happens at a gathering of American Pakistani families? Then you must head to London to catch The Domestic Crusaders-a play about immigrant Muslims living in the American suburbs.
British Muslims are worried about reprisal attacks in the wake of the Nairobi terror attacks, with a spike in the online
After their failed attempts over the last few years to march through Tower Hamlets the far-right and rabidly anti-Muslim English Defence League (EDL) is determined to march again into the borough this Saturday...
Perhaps BBC producers should watch some of Douglas Murray's finest moments on YouTube, and have a quick word with some of his former colleagues, before they next invite the Spectator's neocon-in-chief onto their shows to fill the 'mainstream, centre-right pundit' spot. Murray is far from mainstream and far from centre-right.
Victims of far-right Islamophobic abuse and attacks cite the English Defence League in a third of cases, according to new