The Period Edition

Don't avoid the pool or beach just because it's your time of the month.
As someone who suffers with nausea-inducing cramps, I was ready for this to change my life.
Messy and uncomfortable – or intimate, sexy and the perfect painkiller for your cramps?
I quit my job without having another one to go to. I was too sick to work.
PCOS is the leading cause of infertility – one woman reveals how it changed her life.
For PMDD sufferers, life revolves around their monthly cycle.
"I didn’t want to wear pads because I didn’t want to admit that it was happening."
Maisie Hill used to suffer with terrible period pain, before she embarked on discovering what was happening with her body and her menstrual cycle. Finding that acupuncture and understanding the seasons of the cycle reduced the pain of her period, Maisie is now helping other women get to know their menstrual cycle better and to use it to their benefit.