The Queen

As the nation open its first advent calendar window on 1 December, Prime Minister David Cameron marks the occasion with the
Despite fears over the population and the earth's resources, there is plenty to celebrate about a world that has produced its seven billionth person in the face of the threat of nuclear warfare.
The Queen has come face to face with a Harry Potter goblin, but did not flinch for a second. The macabre creation was the
The Queen has led tributes to UK servicemen and women killed and wounded in conflicts around the world at the Cenotaph in
Remembrance Sunday services are to be held across the country in tribute to members of Britain's Armed Forces who have died
X Factor star Joe McElderry and singer Katherine Jenkins will perform for the Queen at the Festival of Remembrance in honour
The Old Town in Margate has been transformed and this year the Turner Contemporary opened featuring a breathtaking sculpture by Rodin - The Kiss. And funnily enough - it's much larger than you think. Two great big naked marble giants snogging. And today The Queen will visit and she will see them.
For someone who has overseen, and herself encouraged, so much change since the birth of the modern Commonwealth sixty years ago, I'd put money on the fact that, privately, The Queen is backing reform. And not just reform designed to boost the leadership chances of her future great-granddaughter.
At what looks set to be a disappointing Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting, we can take small comfort that leaders - 16 of them at least - have finally agreed to abandon the archaic laws of royal succession.
Not everybody agrees, in the cyber-age, on the continuing need for a royal family. David Cameron's recent actions have shown that, in monarchy's best traditions, it can adapt and change with the help of a sympathetic political administration.