Tim Davie

“It feels like censorship to try and control how someone publicly expresses and discusses their markers of identity," one BBC staffer told us.
The broadcaster is also set to introduce new rules governing employees’ use of social media.
It was recently revealed that the Match Of The Day star had signed a new deal with the BBC that included a 23% pay cut.
Tim Davie faced the digital, culture, media and sport committee after HuffPost UK revealed that the corporation had been labelled racist by its own staff.
PM urges Tory MPs to “speak out loud and proud” amid row over Rule Britannia and Land Of Hope And Glory's association with slavery and colonialism.
BBC bosses are to lay out plans for dealing with some of the issues arising from the Newsnight broadcast "as a first step
When the first BBC transmitter, known as 2LO, crackled into life on 14 November 1922, few could have guessed the impact that radio would have on our world. To mark the 90th anniversary, the BBC is attempting an ambitious first, bringing together around 60 of our stations (network, local, national and international) for a single remarkable moment - a three-minute piece of history broadcast simultaneously around the UK and the world. At its heart will be an idea that explains radio's success: listening to each other. So if you could talk to the audience of the future, people listening 90 years from today, what would you say?