Tom Watson golfer

Unite boss tells deputy "you should be f***ing ashamed of yourself" as speculation mounts over confidence motion.
Labour leader will use Durham Miners' Gala speech to try to gain control of the news agenda amid anti-Semitism crisis.
“We cannot overstate the depth and breadth of hurt and anger."
Labour's deputy leader says UK's "future doesn’t need to be Brexit".
Corbyn issues new statement that election or public vote 'the only way out' of the crisis.
Deputy leader puts down marker after Alastair Campbell expulsion.
Labour war over Brexit and the Conservative Party leadership race dominate.
Deputy leader says party must "find some backbone" on Brexit.
One survey put Labour just one point ahead of the Lib Dems.
Labour's current deputy leader to deliver speech on anniversary of Smith's death.
John McDonnell doesn't trust the PM, Tom Watson argues Labour MPs want a referendum, Rory Stewart predicts a deal is 'surprisingly easy' and Nigel Farage warns of a 'final betrayal'.
Party's ruling body rejects Tom Watson plan for public vote on any deal.
The five things you need to know about politics today
The Labour deputy leader is due to speak at the People's Vote rally in London.
Party deputy leader says he has asked for meeting Jeremy Corbyn.
But Luciana Berger's CLP denies the charge.
The five things you need to know about politics today
National Executive Committee (NEC) could have power over 'acting leader'.
Society doesn’t see gambling in the same way as other addictions, but it needs to