Tomb Raider

This is a Lara who is doubtful of herself and repentant for killing - not that that stops her killing more and more enemies in an expanding variety of ways. This has been the cost of connecting more to her human side.
The long-running rhetoric that video games are only for boys has become more than a little tiresome, and hopefully, it looks
Lara Croft is no longer wearing hot pants and yes, she probably knows more about ancient archaeology than you. Do you still want to play it? Of course you do, because you're not a moron.
The HuffPost Tech Goody Bag is back for Christmas and to celebrate the holiday season we're giving away our biggest prize
In a strange turn of events Microsoft has confirmed that it will be publishing the new Tomb Raider game "Rise of the Tomb
Microsoft has announced that the next Tomb Raider video game will be an Xbox exclusive. As in, it's not coming out on PS4
Rise of The Tomb Raider Halo 5 and the iconic gaming character Master Chief was clearly the focus for Microsoft at its Xbox
When feminists decry the objectification of women, most people immediately think of the images that saturate our magazines, movies, adverts and the Internet. Yet, while sexual objectification is a huge problem, it is, sadly, only a fraction of the objectification of women that permeates our world, from the moment we enter it.
The main draw of the happening little town of Siem Reap in Cambodia is watching a spectacular sunrise at the temple city of Angkor Wat.
The reboot of iconic video game Tomb Raider has apparently missed its sales targets - despite shifting more than 3.4 million