Tower Bridge

Campaigners also parked a caravan on the London landmark to demand climate change action.
The bridge has now reopened to pedestrians – but drivers are urged to avoid the area.
Winter is the perfect time to pack in some fun calendar events with your children; the sort of experiences that will become
Anyone with information is asked to contact police.
A man remains missing after being seen to fall into the River Thames, detectives said. City of London Police said the man
Banners have been draped over iconic bridges across the UK and the rest of the world to protest Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration
Police have launched an urgent appeal for witnesses after shocking CCTV images revealed the moment a gang of up to 12 men
Shinwari vaults over the bridge into the Thames Shinwari had to receive emergency attention from lifeboat rescuers, who pumped
Tower Bridge and the surrounding area was brought to a standstill on Friday afternoon following a suspicious package alert
London will reiterate its support for its grieving continental neighbours on Sunday when several city landmarks pay their
Picture the scene: a new bridge is built in London, and the public hate it. An architect comments that "it represents the vice of tawdriness and pretentiousness" and a local paper calls it London's "ugliest public work". What was this architectural monstrosity? None other than London landmark Tower Bridge...
Tower Bridge today celebraties its 120th birthday and is still one of London's best known landmarks, attracting thousands
Nine people were injured when a pleasure boat crashed into Tower Bridge today. Emergency services attended the scene after
This is the moment London's Tower Bridge was hit by a spectacular bolt of lightning. Amateur photographer Daoud Fakhri was
This Sunday sees the 33rd London Marathon, with runners enduring 26.2miles around the capital. Sponsored by Virgin, organisers
I went along to check out a new 'Poshtel' in London's up and coming Elephant & Castle.
Not only do you save on public transport by working close to home, but you can also save money on expensive food and overpriced lattés. At some point we've all been guilty of spending an eyebrow raising amount of our pay packet on over-priced and over-salted lunch meals.
When staying in London we usually try and choose a hotel that is pretty central, and generally stick to W1, it's a stone's throw from all the shops and perfect for getting around.
England will have to get past Australia and Wales if they are to have any chance of winning the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The