This is the inside story of the fatal 1981 New Cross fire and the groundbreaking demonstrations that followed. The fire, a suspected racist attack, led to the deaths of 14 young people. Speaking to us last year, survivors and activists reflect on the fire and what’s changed for Black Britons in the last four decades.
Her death is the latest in a long series of tragedies to hit one of America’s leading political dynasties.
There often seems to be a limited amount of empathy for people of colour in tragedies
On 18 November 1978, cult-leader Jim Jones led over 900 of his followers to participate in a mass murder-suicide. It would become the largest deliberate loss of American civilian life until 11 September 2001. Forty years on, the survivors still struggle to come to terms with the impact of that day, and the events that preceded them.
'Just... unimaginable tragedy. Worthy of the Greeks or Shakespeare.'
A man who got his head stuck in a reclining movie seat has died as a result of his injuries.
As a child life seemed pretty straight forward. Apart from the odd worry, the process of puberty and the occasional heartbreak from the girls I had a crush on nothing seemed too hard to handle. But at 18, (a month off my 19th birthday) my Dad took his own life.
life less ordinary banner I thought I would collapse from the pain of my grief, I literally imagined myself melting into the floor in one big grief puddle. I look back now, four years on, and wonder how I have survived. I suppose the reality is that I had no choice. Time doesn't stop just because a major tragedy happens in your life.
My children's school community has been left reeling. It's been a particularly hard year in terms of grief and loss at this
I went to see the film 'Me Before You' last week, not knowing how I would feel about it given the protests made by the disabled community and given that it was one of the first big 'Hollywood' films about an ordinary disabled person. I had seen 'The Theory of Everything' when it came out and, like everyone, I was in awe at the brilliance and determination of Stephen Hawking but I didn't feel that personally connected to his story. 'Me Before You' however, was entirely different.