The Duke of Sussex wants to raise awareness of the vital role that trees play in our eco-system.
Sir William Worsley will support the planting of 11 million trees.
The bulldozers and chainsaws are about to move in to one the few remaining mainland old growth forests.
Natalie Bennett aims to become the North's first Green Party MP by taking Sheffield Central from Labour in the next General Election. And it's easy to see why she feels Sheffield would be a good fit.
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Like many environmental campaigners I often find myself turning to economic arguments to explain the value of trees and woods
Don't get me wrong, I like trees too, but this is something else. As soon as we emerge from beneath the canopy, his little face crumples again, before we dash to the next one and repeat the process. There doesn't seem to be a trunk of timber in England that won't get him revved up, and he certainly isn't species-biased either.