If anyone is able to calculate the exact formulae for how to make content go viral - they'd probably be the most valuable person on the internet.
Fashion and sustainability aren't two words you often see in the same sentence. An adjective that evokes images of industry and ecology, "sustainable" is actually coming into fashion when describing, well, fashion. And as Director of Denim at WGSN, I can tell you this is very good news for our industry.
Spree x Vdj17
He just improved your closet staples.
Back then, it was mostly known by Americanism, the 'pound sign' - one that you may remember from many automated recorded phone messages "end by pushing the pound key".
It’s the season of luxurious fabrics: velvets, (faux) furs, suede, silks and cashmeres. It’s the season of draping and layering and covering and cocooning.
Take one covetable T-shirt and four of our favourite feeds. Equals style heaven.
From chia seeds in your ice cream to raw cakes with avocado, there's been a revolution going on in UK retailer's response to the backlash against sugar. Now, as someone who makes a living from crafting sweet treats from sugar, I will certainly be the last person to hop on that anti sugar bandwagon
Okay, ladies - let’s get in a fashion formation 😍
Nothing says spring has sprung more than gingham.  Which is why Primark’s latest offering has already caught the attention