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'I have not lost control of the party'
Jeremy Corbyn has declared that he is “not expecting” any more Labour MPs to quit - despite losing two backbenchers within
Another 'moderate' MP stands down - to take up V&A Museum job
And Tony Blair’s former communications chief Alastair Campbell said the resignation was a stark verdict on the direction
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I believe the time for equivocation is over. Yes, the Tories' approach to negotiating devolution deals is secretive, haphazard and controlling. But while we must never shy away from exposing the flaws in the process, nor can we be lukewarm about the principle.
Ex-Shadow Cabinet minister says regions should raise "tourist taxes" and control education and welfare
Labour risks missing a "golden opportunity" to let towns and cities run their own affairs because of its "centralist instincts
Labour's stock in the Jewish community has never been lower, MPs tell leader