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Many backbenchers were stunned when a party spokesman said earlier: “Following her resignation as a Parliamentary candidate
A Labour MP has said Harold Wilson would have been “slightly horrified” by Jeremy Corbyn's Labour. Tristram Hunt, one of
The five things you need to know on Thursday February 4, 2016… 1) BEST OF A BAD JOBBIE? After Steve Baker’s poo jibe, Bernard
While Momentum assure the mainstream media that they are not advocates of deselection and are "inclusive" and all things nice, I can't help but be a little disappointed...
Labour activists from privately educated backgrounds lack the “political antennae” to deal with “tough” doorstep conversations
A Blairite Labour MP has urged the "top 1%" to drive the party forward after warning it is "in the shit" and risks becoming
The five things you need to know on Monday November 2, 2015... 1) OLDHAM WRIT LARGE Given voters’ reluctance to wander out
Homes could be bought with a significant discount by migrants that have been in the UK for just three years under the Government's
Of all the back of a fag packet wheezes that Lynton Crosby's war machine coughed up during the dog days of the general election campaign, the Tories' proposals to extend 'Right to Buy' to housing association tenants must rank as one of the most ill-considered. That is why I'm going to call on the Government to think again when we debate the Housing and Planning Bill in the House of Commons later today. Slapdash legislation; numbers that don't add up; a statist assault on independent housing trusts - from every angle this policy falls short. Add to that a disregard for some of the social impacts and it truly represents British politics at its short-term, headline-chasing worst.
Tristram Hunt has warned Labour that Jeremy Corbyn's leadership poses a "threat" and it must resist the temptation to become